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Texas Aircraft Group is working on new aircraft

"After successfully launching the Colt 100 in the Brazilian market, the Texas Aircraft Group is working on a new aircraft, this time a 4-seater, the Stallion.

The American civil aviation agency (FAA) is planning an expansion of the light sport aircraft category to allow aircraft with up to 4 seats to fit into the category. The expectation is that this new regulation, popularly known as MOSAIC (Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certificates), will be published in the second half of 2023.

In Brazil, ANAC has already published this regulation in RBAC 01, stating that light sport aircraft can have a maximum takeoff weight of up to 1361 kg for land aircraft (previously limited to 600 kg), 4 seats, and a maximum stall speed without flaps of 61 KCAS (previously 45 KCAS).

Aiming at this expansion of the regulation, the Texas Group, in partnership with its sister company in Brazil, Inpaer, launched a kit for individual construction for a first aircraft with a 200 Hp Lycoming engine. A second kit, but for the 260Hp engine, is in the final stages of construction.

With the publication of the regulation for the new light sport aircraft category, Texas/Inpaer registered the Stallion with the Brazilian authorities for its acceptance within the rules for Light Sport Aircraft. The construction of the first prototype has already begun.

Research and development flights are part of the project validation phase and data collection for the production of the required documentation for a special light sport aircraft in compliance with the ASTM standard. The Texas Group's expectation is that the Stallion will be classified as a Light Sport Aircraft in Brazil in mid-2024. After the publication of the MOSAIC rule, the certification process will also be started with the American authorities.

The main characteristics of the Stallion Project are:

● Single-engine aircraft, high wing, tricycle, fixed gear, 4 seats.

● 4 fuel tanks with a total capacity of 300 liters.

● Stall Speed without Flaps: 58 KIAS

● Stall Speed with Flaps: 52 KIAS

● Maneuvering Speed: 117 KIAS

● Cruise Speed: 145 KIAS

● Max Cruise Speed: 160 KIAS

● Max Continuous Power Speed: 160 KIAS

● Never Exceed Speed: 203 KIAS

● Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1300 kg

● Empty Weight: 750 kg

● Construction in aeronautical aluminum, solid rivets, and chrome-molybdenum steel survival cell

Two versions will be developed, one with a 200 HP Lycoming IO-360 engine and one with a 260 HP Lycoming IO-540 engine."

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