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Having won the FLYING Editors' Choice Awards in 2020, the Colt is always on the agenda in the US market

The Colt has always been considered a great LSA option and won the 2020 FLYING Editors' Choices Award: "The two-seat Texas Aircraft Colt is an excellent trainer – and won the 2020 FLYING Editors' Choice award" words from FLYING magazine.

Very well produced and planned, the Colt is the successor to an important Brazilian project.

"2020 FLYING Editors' Choice Award Winner Texas Aircraft Colt counts on the great success of a Brazilian predecessor project, but the Colt is completely American. One of the newest aircraft in the LSA fleet in the US, developers had the advantage of seeing what pilots were buying… and what they were requesting. With its conventional stick control, the Colt breaks a family mold in LSA, an overwhelming majority of which use joysticks in various ways. A refined aircraft, the Colt It is beautifully decorated inside and out, attracting riders pursuing a legacy GA airplane look in an all-new design that can be operated by a sport or higher certification pilot exercising LSA non-medical privileges. Built in Hondo, Texas, with local support, the Colt joins the best of an experienced Brazilian aircraft designer with American capacity to build aircraft in the USA."

Fly high. Fly the Colt 100!

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