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The Colt begins its demonstration flight campaign throughout Brazil

The Colt, the newest Light Sport Aircraft produced by INPAER in Campinas/SP, has started its demonstration flight campaign throughout Brazil.

On June 19th, the Colt visited the "Escolinha" SBNV aerodrome in Goiânia/GO where it was tested by the instructors of the SKY Flight School. On June 21st, we took off from Goiania towards Brasília, where we took the Colt for a brief visit to a client at the Botelho SIQE aerodrome. From there we returned to the Campo dos Amarais in Campinas/SP in a direct navigation of 4 hours. We still landed with 38 liters of avgas in the tank, almost two hours of reserve.

On June 24th, we paid a visit to clients in Botucatú and we were very well received at the Tancredo de Almeida Neves - SDBK aerodrome.

Finally, on July 1st, we took the Colt and the Stallion, Inpaer's new aircraft that is conducting performance data collection flights, to the Bonanza Fly-In in São Joaquim da Barra/SP. One of the best air events in Brazil!

But it's not over yet! We are already planning our next missions to the Northeast and the South of the country. Stay tuned to our social media:

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