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"INPAER launches Colt in Brazil

Atualizado: 6 de jul. de 2023

On June 3rd, The Texas Group launched the Colt, its newest aircraft in the ALE (Light Sport Aircraft) class, in the Brazilian market. The plane has its operation authorized by ANAC and will be manufactured at INPAER´s facility in Campinas, SP. It´s got a 100 HP Rotax engine and was presented to the public by its creator, Caio Jordão, who has already produced and sold hundreds of Experimental aircraft, such as Excel and Explorer, in Brazil.

Produced in Campinas in the interior of São Paulo, the COLT has structure built from aeronautical aluminum with solid rivets, ensuring great torsional rigidity and low weight. Its survival cell is made of chrome-molybdenum steel, the same material used in racing cars that provides maximum safety for occupants. The aircraft is semi-cantilever and exhibits high resistance with low weight. Another material used in the aircraft is carbon fiber which brings lightness, better finish, and aerodynamics.

The aircraft has 4 versions: SPORT, SL, SL with Autopilot and SL Digital, with top-notch equipment and all of them with the optional ballistic parachute, to increase the safety of the occupants.

The planes are now available for sale in all versions, directly with the manufacturer, which has the most diverse forms of payment, from its own financing, to FINAME and payment via BNDES.

Get in touch with the sales department at the following contacts:

+55 19 99888.3530 / +55 19 99830.7505 in Brazil or +1 682-414-5747 in the USA.

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